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Previous Customer Testimonials


The best of the best!! You can not get any better!

~ Brie And Billy Janes


She's an amazing photographer!! The absolute best in my books!

~ Megan Plumstead


She is amazing with a camera. I know our pictures will be wonderful each and every time.

~ Jackie Rayner


She is reliable and a perfectionist.. Beautiful work and very creative..

~ Julie Steele Rivette


Sherry is an amazing photographer. Patient with her models and our photography session was a great experience! Her photos are breathtaking!

~ Teresa Gates


She is an amazing photographer with great ideas.

~ Alejandro Bustamante


One of the best photographers I have had the pleasure of working with! Professional, personable, detail-oriented and caring. I highly recommend Sherry!

~ Elizabeth Christina


This year our group was so fortunate to have the very talented photographer Sherry Sabatine join our group to take phenomenal practice and game day photos as well as offering her services to take beautiful headshots of our lovely alumni!!

She was a wonderful addition and we really appreciated all of her hard work today!! If you get a chance please check out her website

Thank you Sherry!!

~ Rochelle


The Best Compliment Ever!!

"My son just saw our framed photo together. He asked if he can take it to his house when he is a grown-up and also bring it to heaven so he won't ever forget about me. Thank-you for providing that moment and memory!"
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